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GARDEN PATH Garden educators’ manifesto

Most people have been led to believe that large-scale, chemical agriculture is the only way to feed our growing population. However, the United Nations has repeatedly reported that small farmers consistently grow 70% of the world’s food supply on less than30% of the world’s agricultural resources while the remaining 30% is produced by industrial/chemical farming which consumes 70% of the resources.*

After nearly 80 years of experimenting with the supermarket culture, we can see that it is not able to feed humanity in the long run. Built on the glitz of comfort, speed and cheapness, the 'convenience store’ model detracted significant parts of society from the need to cultivate the land keeping imperceptible the negative effects on the exhaustion of natural resources. 

The practical knowledge of food growing is largely lost in many European populations. Food is, however, the source code for the functioning of our civilisation and the growing of plants and animal husbandry, have an amazing power of transformation. Fortunately, we are now seeing a whole lot of grassroots innovations in food production emerging. They are correlated with the nascent awareness of our place in the Earth’s ecosystem. 

The educators have various missions including empowering entire communities to create collectively a regenerative, sustainable and fair food growing system for all. Our goal is to search for the rays of light breaking through the cracking shell of the old order and by finding harmony in them, building a sensible pattern of a new societal DNA of human inscription into the biosphere of our planet. The potential ahead of us is to redirect growth towards higher, non-material, non-destructive paths. 

Small visions matter. The work of weaving together creative imaginations to rise to the challenge is the tiny seed that becomes the tall tree given time and tending. We may not be there to see it’s blossom but we can do the planting. Let’s begin by renewing our relationship with the soil, food and community, together with the little ones, to see the Earth, bountiful and healthy again. „We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”.** 

ETC – who will feed us? 
** Hopi Poem 

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Grassroots organisation, integrating political and popular education in Agroecology, Permaculture and Food Sovereignty. We design inter-sectorial trainings for community leaders, activists and educators, develop community research tools, conduct pilot innovations in food systems and publish educational audio-visual materials.


Asociación La Bolina (Spain),
Permakultura na Ukrainie (Ukraine), 
Lebende Samen, Living Seeds (Germany),
Asociace místních potravinových iniciativ (Czech Republic),

PROJECT PARTNERS: Biennale Warszawa,, Nyeleni Polska – Food Sovereignty Poland,

design: Ola Arent
editing: Joanna Bojczewska

exhibition curators: 
Supermarket Museum:
Weronika Koralewska
Garden in Your Hands:
Joanna Bojczewska

Learning Food Growing:
Magda Jarocka, Joanna Bojczewska 
Sensory Marketing: Iryna Kazakova

artworks: creators of The Supermarket Museum, as marked

co-financed by: Culture of Solidarity Fund, European Cultural Foundation 

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