About us

Who we are

Klaudia Kryńska

Graduate of Applied Sociology and Social Anthropology at the University of Warsaw. Urban gardener, long-term member of the Common Garden at the Służew Culture Center, currently active in the Bujna Warszawa team - an organization promoting the idea of urban gardening and supporting newly emerging community gardens. Educator and activist spreading the idea of food sovereignty, e.g. as part of the Nyeleni Polska association and the "Dobrze" Food Cooperative. Social animator cooperating with, among others, the Zamek Cultural Center, the Malta Foundation and the Warsaw Biennale.

Aleksandra Mielczarek

Due to her legal education, she was invited to cooperate with the Foundation. She joined because food is a fundamental human right for her, and the system of mass consumption is often in contradiction to that. She does not agree to the loopholes of soulless systems that harm individuals. After the experience gained in Greenpeace, Amnesty International, the UN or in state institutions working for the protection of human rights, she completely gave up social activity for several years. Structurally acting in the background of the organization, she has a sense of contribution to the necessary transformation which we all are part of. Feminist, yoga teacher and dancer, traveler exploring joints between visual and sound arts with the body, Nature, its embodiment and defferentiated grassroots movemnt setups.

Paulina Jeziorek

City gardener and educator. Co-founder of the Służew Cultural Center Common Garden in Warsaw. She also created and looked after the vegetable garden at the Wozownia restaurant in Warsaw and the Wolna Wisła community garden in Toruń. A member of the Jadalnia Warszawa collective, which mapped wild edible plants in the city. She co-created the education department of the Documentary Academy and Luna Cinema, implementing educational ecological film series for children and adults. At APLAB, she deals with the development of urban gardening and the development of an educational offer for adults and youth.

Asia Humka

Educational-project coordinator and global educator. For two years associated with the Center for Citizenship Education, where she dealt with climate education. A member of the "Dobrze" Food Cooperative, where she coordinated a project in the field of social and solidarity economy. Interested in the ethical principles of permaculture, alternative economies and horizontally managed grassroots movements. At APLAB, she is responsible for informal education and cooperation with institutions working for social justice and transformation of the food system.

Wioletta Olejarczyk

Farmer, seed keeper, herbalist and phytotherapist, initiator of the Jurajska Food Cooperative and "Słoneczna 25" CSA . Member of the Nyeleni Food Sovereignty Movement and the "Moc Nasion" network. At APLAB, she is responsible for coordinating workshops on seeds and agroecological projects.

Basia Kurek

Graduate of sociology and journalism. An activist for food sovereignty, she explores the agroecological dimensions of agriculture and life on a daily basis. She creates deep ties joining city countryside. She co-founded the Jurajska Food Cooperative and Słoneczna 25 CSA. She tries to popularize the social, environmental and economic foundations of food communities. Co-host of the Podwórkowe Opowieści Agroekologiczne podcast.


Joanna Bojczewska

Joanna Bojczewska - Founder of Agro-Perma-Lab and Nyeleni Polska - the Food Sovereignty Network. A graduate of The London School of Economics (LSE) at the Faculty of Social Anthropology. Joanna is a long-term Agroecology & Permaculture educator and integral designer of social innovations, partnering internationally in a variety of transformative learning, ecological renewal and conscious food systems projects.

Weronika Koralewska

Designer of educational programs, facilitator, coordinator and trainer in the informal education stream. She is a political scientist by training. She works in the fields of environmental education, deep ecology, ecopsychology, food sovereignty, intercultural education and art. Independent consultant to many NGOs in Poland and abroad. Co-founder of the Agro-Perma-Lab foundation, curator of the critical path and UX/UI designer for the Supermarket Museum project. Producer of educational series on agroecology ,,The Alphabet of Complexity". Member of the Food Sovereignty Movement Nyeleni Poland. Leader of the author's interdisciplinary development workshops "Between".

Organizations and networks with whom we cooperate

Food Cooperatives Network

The main goal of the organization is to strengthen the cooperative movement by creating a platform for dialogue and collaboration. With the aim of ensuring mutual benefits for cooperative communities, this umbrella organization provides support, fosters identity, and protects the values they’ve developed. The Food s Network brings together similar initiatives in Poland, supporting cooperatives in their individual activities both in terms of knowledge and infrastructure. It also supports the incubation of new cooperatives by developing a flexible "cooperative establishment guide" and sharing knowledge. The organization represents cooperative communities to administrative bodies, media, and other entities, while promoting citizen participation in shaping food policy.

Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinów

A state organizational unit directly subordinate to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. It collaborates with agricultural advisory centres, governmental and local administration institutions, industry organizations, scientific research institutions, as well as other organizations and institutions working towards rural and agricultural development. The centre aims to improve the skills of agricultural advisors, teachers in agricultural schools, and representatives of institutions, organizations, and local governments. It achieves this by organizing training sessions, seminars, and conferences. The Centre also establishes a national network for agricultural innovation and promotes the latest scientific achievements, supporting the development of agriculture and rural areas, as well as agroecology and permaculture. A testament to this is a series of educational textbooks on permaculture developed in collaboration with our foundation.

We belong to

European Agroecology Network (EAKEN)

An organization whose aim is to connect European initiatives that promote the exchange of agroecological knowledge among rural workers. This network is part of an international project led by La Via Campesina (LVC) and coordinated in Europe by the European Coordination of La Via Campesina. EAKEN seeks to build a pan-European network that facilitates knowledge exchange among farmers. The network focuses on sharing practical skills and political training, recognizing both as inseparable. In doing so, it aims to strengthen agroecology in rural areas and promote food sovereignty in Europe.

Nyeleni Europe

Nyeleni Europe is a political and social alliance of grass-roots movements and organizations representing small-scale food producers, including farmers, herders, fishermen, and indigenous peoples. It was established to promote the idea of food sovereignty, bridge the gap between producers and consumers, and support all foundations and informal groups working based on the six principles of food sovereignty agreed upon at the First Nyéléni European Forum on Food Sovereignty. These principles are reflected in the Nyéléni Europe Declaration of 2011.