First Polish Community Seed Home

In March 2021, the first Community Seed House in Poland is inaugurated. It will be called the Sudeten Community House of Seeds and will be built in the educational habitat of Ptasia Dolina, in the picturesque region of the Kaczawskie Foothills in Lower Silesia.

The creation of the Community Seed House on the one hand will serve to develop cooperation and knowledge exchange networks in agroecology, permaculture and work with seeds, on the other hand, it will become an exemplary pilot model for creating a community infrastructure and collection of the Seed House, adequate for a given place and its supervisors. seed production and storage management and seed exchange rules.

The construction of the Nasion House itself will be attended by both the hosts and participants of the APLab NASIONA 2021 training, as well as the seed from Lower Silesia who gave interviews in the previous survey. The inauguration and opening of the Community Seed House will serve as a promotional event for the idea and expansion of the cooperation network to which we will invite local media.

The assumption of the project is also cooperation at the local level with associations and local government in order to potentially finance micro-homes and seed education on a larger scale. In this way, in addition to the central Sudety Seed House in the Bird Valley, the project aims to ‘instill’ the idea into other communities, as well as encourage them to organize their own live seed collections and strengthen seed sovereignty on a smaller, home and local scale.

Project was co-financed by Arche Noach – Community Seed Bank Academy