Toolkit For Permaculture Educators 

The Toolkit for Permaculture Educators is the result of knowledge exchange during the International Forum of Permaculture Educators in 2021 in Poland (online) – the result of joint cooperation of several international organizations based in Europe, and in Poland, in synergy with Biennale Warszawa.

The practice summaries below present a range of perspectives and frameworks (from design, through pedagogical methodologies and ecological philosophies) to the design of permaculture education. Those who wrote them represented a diverse community of practitioners – from novice educators to seasoned teachers and visionaries who shared their original and insightful reflections on selected topics.

The public program of the Forum (May 16) was divided into three thematic blocks, built around three values: COMMUNITY, SENSITIVITY, IMAGINATION, which we considered to be key in thinking about education and permaculture. Among the speakers presenting their ideas were experienced educators from Poland and educators from the international community involved in the Supermarket Museum project carried out by the Agro-Perma Lab foundation.

Graphics by: Joanna Bojczewska; Illustrations: Kimberly Barcenas barcenas.proyectoficio [at] gmail.comYT

Video recordings from the entire Forum can be viewed here.


Alfred Decker
The social microclimate

Michał Augustyn
Symbiotic design. A philosophy for creating bountiful ecosystems in urban space

Joanna Bojczewska
“Since feeling is first”: ecosystemic intelligence and permaculture education

Irina Kazakova
Attitude analysis & (Eight)finity lessons on learning of growing food

Krystian Stempek
Pattern recognition as a universal teaching tool


Tomas Remiarz
Growing community

Marcelina Haremza
Positive garden psychology for beginners

Susanne Hofmann-Souki
Experiential learning cycles in joint learning on farms

Habiba Youssef
Collectivity and empowered migrations: a proposal for changing the food system paradigm

Klaudia Kryńska
Intergenerational collaboration and activisation of seniors as part of urban community garden


Rosemary Morrow
Imagination and creativity in permaculture teaching for a shared future

Daniel Pacek
Small permaculture farm as a place for reconnection

Jana Koznarova
School gardens for food loop education of whole communities

Maciej Łepkowski
Developing urban permaculture landscape

Łukasz Nowacki
Permaculture immersion – immerse yourself in a real world of potential and opportunities

PROJECT ORGANISED BY Agro-Perma-Lab, in collaboration with Warsaw BiennaleNational Centre for Climate Change and Nyéléni Polska.

PROJECT PARTNERS 4 permaculture and Agroecology organisations from Europe: Asociación La Bolina from Spain, Permaculture in Ukraine, Lebende Samen – Living Seeds from Germany, Asociace místních potravinových iniciativ from Czech Republic.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: European Cultural Foundation. Project co-funded by the Capital City Warsaw.