Permaculture – educational materials in Ukrainian

PERMACULTURE IN UKRAINE for an association founded in 2013 to promote permaculture in Ukraine; protection of the environment and cultural heritage; development of ecovillages and bioregions. The organization seeks to unite the piles of those who have already been successful with permaculture techniques in their homes and give them an exchange of experiences, including with newcomers on the topic of experiences. Response to the migration crisis, the network coordinating also the project “Green Road of Ukraine”

The organization has created an extensive library of educational materials, including:

  • Free series of 20 films with the theoretical part of PDC online, access to which is free this year
  • Series of webinars on food cultivation in permaculture “Secrets of the Seasons” (5 videos and pages with written advice)
  • 4 videos from GEN, Ukraine’s Global Ecovillege Network, with basic information on growing food.

Many additional free educational materials can be found on the organisation’s website

Permaculture in Ukraine has been implementing PDC – Permaculture Design Certificate since 2011, and has already organised two trainings for permaculture teachers, the last in 2020 with Candela Vargas from Spain. As part of improving teachers’ competences in line with Rosemary Morrow’s approach, the organisation also translated the Ukrainian guide “Permaculture Teaching Matters” and many other guides.

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Permakultura na Ukrainie współpracowała z Agro-Perma-Lab przy projekcie Muzeum Supermarketu: Living Together within Limits, w tym przy produkcji web-docu i interaktywnej mapy Ogród w Twoich Rękach i Międzynarodowego Forum Permakultury.

Permaculture in Ukraine cooperated with Agro-Perma-Lab on the project The Supermarket Museum: Living Together within Limits, including the production of a web-doc and an interactive map Garden in Your Hands and the International Permaculture Educators Forum.