Just seeing them there [society of consumers]. Short film

by Asociación La Bolina


The society of consumers tends to “ instill in their members a willingness to accord other people the same – and no more – respect as they are trained to feel and to show to consumer goods, the objects designed and destined for instantaneous, and possibly untroubled satisfaction, with no strings attached.” (Zygmunt Bauman, Consuming Life).

Who can you see (besides yourself, in the mirror) when you are doing shopping? Whom can you meet, to whom can you talk? The supermarket culture of anonymity destroys human-to-human connection. It also destroys local markets. What is more, the apparent wealth of supermarket chains is built on the shoulders of poor, exploited farmers and migrant workers.


Ei kah jamale jeh fanfelendangoto na bota eifangola ni beh la sandirola, Ning jama leh sa ben no,Ning jama leh sa diamuno.supermarket ado,dami embuga noh je no ayeh hadamaya le tinah ani na sandirr dula.Mi ma afongoti ning supermarket la fankaya a ka bo ning senelal dokulal mi nul ma feng soto.


Director, post-production: Ruth Cross
Director of photography, concept: Debora Barrientos
Interview: Ernesto Gibba

Project funded by Culture of Solidarity Fund
Part of The Supermarket Museum International Web-Doc