Dwutygodnik: Permaculture in the network and the network of permaculture

Permaculture in the network and permaculture network – nothing can replace live meetings, training on farms and visits to gardens, but thanks to online events such as the Forum of Permaculture Educators, our activities can become wider and touch groups that have been so far beyond our reach. Use edges and value the marginal, as one of our rules says. In Dwutygodnik, a report from the recently held Forum, written by Krzysztof Marciniak, who was one of the participants of the event, was published.

An excerpt from the article:

We don’t have time ”- repeats several times by Zoom Australian Rosemary Morrow in her presentation at the International Forum of Educators and Permaculture Educators, organized in May by the Biennale Warszawa and the Agro-Perma-Lab Foundation. The Australian calmly and firmly explains that permaculture education must adapt in the coming years to the conditions of the growing climate and migration crisis, the accompanying armed conflicts, rising ocean levels and new challenges similar to the COVID-19 pandemic. Behind Morrow’s words are the experience of forty years of working with refugees and farmers in regions hit by war and climate change. The Australian on my computer screen argues that permaculture must move beyond the English-speaking bubble of the Western middle class, abandon individualistic thinking and focus on permaculture design in relation to larger communities – residents of blocks, streets, neighborhoods, settlements, camps, favelas.