Green Podcast for the Summer: should supermarkets end up in the museum?

This week saw the opening of the “Supermarket Museum” – an international project organized by the AgroPermaLab Foundation, offering a critical perspective on the “culture of supermarkets.” This culture, as the creators describe it, displaces the values of social solidarity and ethical food production. Artists, agroecology and permaculture leaders, as well as volunteers from around the world, have come together to create an online audiovisual exhibition.

Our guest on the Green Podcast for the Summer is Klaudia Kryńska, the President of the AGRO-PERMA-LAB Foundation.

Follow the Facebook page of the host, Krzysztof Rzyman, as well as his Instagram profile.

We also talked about the project at:

Fifth Community Gardens Harvest Festival) [link:]

LABA Festival organized by Przekrój [link:] During a debate at the opening of the exhibition “Wspólna strawa” (Common Feast) organized by Kontakt magazine [link:

Klaudia Kryńska was guest of The Green Podcast for the Summer. Follow the fb page and instagram profile of its author – Krzysiek Rzyman.

We presented our project also at:

5th Harvest Festival of the Community Gardens in Warsaw
LABA Festival by Przekrój
During the debate of Wspólna Strawa by Contact magazine