Podcast: Polish Permaculture with AgroPermaLab and Morag Gamble, Episode 50

This podcast explores ‘what now’ — what thinking do we need to navigate a positive and regenerative way forward; what does a thriving one-planet way of life look like; where should we putting our energy.

In this changing world and in challenging times, we offer these voices of clarity and common sense. Morag Gamble, permaculture teacher, activist and filmmaker running Permaculture Education Institute, Australia, invited two guests from the innovative AgroPermaLab in Poland. In this podcast Joanna Bojczewska and Klaudia Kryńska are bringing together permaculture, agroecology, food sovereignty, education, arts, and activism. The AgroPermaLab foundation is a grassroots organization and Morag first came across them when they organized the International Forum of Permaculture Educators co-hosted with the Biennale Warszawa. The podcast explores what’s going on with permaculture in Poland, and also the bigger picture of what’s happening around that, inspired by the direction in which they’re taking their permaculture education and their thinking. 

Listen to the whole episode here.