Przekrój: “On recreating local food systems” at APLab Foundation

In the summer edition of PRZEKRÓJ quarterly you can find a whole lot of interesting articles on permaculture, water management, contact with nature in the summer garden.

In the “Between us foundations” section, the column for NGOs in this issue is devoted to the Agro-Perma-Lab Foundation. Under the title “Old practices and new knowledge, or about recreating local food systems” you can read, among others, about the mission of the Foundation and the vision of social and ecological transformation, which we integrate from various pedagogical and agroecological approaches and practices.

“Our future depends on how we treat the environment and how we think about food production. […] modern agriculture, thanks to which we can avoid global crises – incl. ecological, climatic and economic – it should be based on three pillars. The first is taking care of the soil, which today is being poisoned by industrial crops. The second is biodiversity and the third is knowledge and trust. “