Edible City of Warsaw

Where does the food on our plates come from? Where and how to look for solutions that will enable us to use ecological, seasonal and local products? What are the alternatives for the big food industry? Can the initiatives already in place give new direction to food policy and help us cope with the current climate and social change?

We invite you to joint reflection and discussion on the idea of the edible city. We believe that permaculture can become a vehicle of change enabling the redesign of food systems in modern cities. During the meeting, we will talk about two web documents: Edible city of Warsaw (realized by Biennale Warszawa) and the Supermarket Museum (prepared by the Agro-Perma-Lab Foundation). Both show that it is worth supporting urban agriculture and horticulture, local food initiatives as well as farmers who appreciate regeneration and ecology.

We meet at the Motyka i Słońce Community Garden (Jazdów 3/9, Warsaw). The meeting will last approximately 2 hours. Participation is free. The event is part of the Open Jazdów 2021 Festival.