Educational guides for the Network of Educational Farms (CDR): Seeds, Agrobiodiversity, Permaculture.

Three authorial teams from the Agro-Perma-Lab Foundation prepared three educational guides for the Educational Farm NetworkZagród in November 2020. These publications were developed in collaboration with the Kraków branch of the Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów.

The guides contain essential topics needed to conduct educational activities with school-age participants in farmsteads, educational gardens, and community settings. They will be useful for educators looking to diversify their activities and educational offerings with interesting workshop scenarios. The three developed guides are:

Seeds in our hand – practice and education PDF
Educational scenarios for permaculture in an edible garden PDF
Agrobiodiversity and a closed-circuit economy. The significance of farming practice for climate protection. PDF

The project was financed by funds from Cthe Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów –  Kraków branch.

*This free publication was prepared as part of the operation titled “VI Ogólnopolski Zlot Zagród Edukacyjnych (6th All-Polish Meeting of Educational Farms” within the framework of the Action Plan of the National Rural Areas Network for the years 2014-2020 – Operational plan for the years 2020-2021.

The project was financed by the CDR in Brwinów, Krakow Branch.