Guides for the educational Farm Network (CDR): Seedes, Agri-biodiversity, Permaculture

In November 2020, three authors’ teams of the Agro-Perma-Lab Foundation developed three educational guides for the Educational Farms Network. The publications were made in cooperation with the Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinów – Branch in Krakow.

The guides contain the key issues needed to carry out teaching activities with school-age participants in farms, educational and community gardens. They will be useful to educators who want to diversify their classes and educational offer with interesting workshop scenarios.

The three guides developed are:

  • Seeds in our hands – practice and education
  • Educational scenarios for permaculture in the dining garden
  • Agri-diversity and the circular economy. The importance of agricultural practices for climate protection

The project was financed by the CDR in Brwinów, Krakow Branch.