Stipend programme: arts X permaculture

As part of our Culture of Solidarity Fund project The Supermarket Museum: Living together within limits, Agro-Perma-Lab offers 8 stipends to artists and permaculture educators for collaborative work in the co-creation of the web-doc Garden in your Hands / Supermarket Museum.

AIM: The aim of the STIPEND PROGRAMME is enabling participation of artists and permaculture educators from backgrounds considered “at risk of exclusion” (including areas of life such physical or other disability; migration/citizen status; financial/economic status; ethnicity/minority; severe/chronic illness; gender discrimination; geographical access to opportunities); where the project can empower positive social, economic or political inclusion and the strengthening of cross-cultural, European solidarity relations between individuals, communities and civil society organisations, according to the Constitution of Agro-Perma-Lab Foundation.

FOR WHOM: Professional and amateur artists and permaculture educators from countries
participating in the programme: Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain can
request a Stipend by contacting directly the coordinator.

ALLOCATION PROCESS: The allocation of stipends is based on anonymous selection of candidates by
coordinators of the Supermarket Museum project, based on identification and evaluation
of the need. Stipends have been awarded to enable completion and submission of the artefact of their own creative work for the online exhibition (web-
doc) “The Supermarket Museum”.

TIMELINE: Participants are selected in January-March of 2021 based on self-nomination. The works are to be completed between May and June 2021. Promotion and outreach in October-November 2021.

IDENTITY PROTECTION: Information on the stipend allocation will be available to the grant-giver alone, and upon any request related to legal and financial responsibilities of the Foundation as to protect
the identities of Stipend Receipients.

See the completed works as part of the stipend programme:

Web-Doc: Garden in Your Hands
Garden Educators Manifesto
Web-Doc: Supermarket Museum
Artists Manifesto

Artykuł o projekcie