Support green harbors for Ukraine

In order to support people fleeing the war in Ukraine, several initiatives were set up to map farms and host-friendly shelters. Other initiatives are related to the activation of the society to take on growing food.

When the war broke out, two Ukrainian NGOs, Permaculture in Ukraine and Ukraine’s Global Ecovillage Network mobilized their networks of ecovillages and permaculture centers to host displaced people.

Thousands of Ukrainians are fleeing the war-torn Ukraine in search of a safe place. Eastern cities, towns and villages are bombed every day. As many of the permaculture farm locations are in the countryside, they provide shelter for these people either permanently or temporarily. Many people try to reach the western border to go to a safer place in the EU and have a safe “green” haven in their habitats.

GEN Europe has established a network of ecovillages, farms and people ready to welcome Ukrainians. Network is helping to provide logistics and assistance to those arriving there. The project was named “The Green Road”. There are already more than 6 locations of the “Green Road” in Ukraine and 270 branches all over the world. You can see the map here.

An has also been set up with information on how to support the GEN Ukraine and Permaculture project in Ukraine.

More than 10,000EUR was collected and distributed. The collected money is spent only for peaceful purposes: to improve housing conditions (often people stay in old, empty houses with nothing, and now it is winter), food and transport.

Iryna Kazakova – the coordinator of the NGO Permaculture project in Ukraine, does not lose her spirit of optimism, despite the enormous emotional, psychological and infrastructural challenges for life: “We are thinking about long-term plans. As we all believe in victory. The only question is how soon will it come, how many cities will be destroyed and how many people will become homeless.”

The main agricultural regions of Ukraine are under constant attack. This is one of the reasons why people in ecovillages and permaculture centers are trying to get involved in the cultivation of food. Therefore, it is necessary to find funds for additional agricultural machinery in order to counter the food crisis, at least at local level.

You can support Ukrainian food producers and farmers in several ways:

* Host the Ukrainians. You can fill in the form and put your places on our map,
* You can help financially by donating to food and shelter or farm machinery to help us grow,
* You can help with some tools or machines as humanitarian aid (chainsaw, generators, twin-shaft tractors or others)