We sow for guests

The Climate for Agriculture initiative invites you to join the April campaign #SadzimyDlaGości. We want to help people affected by the war while taking care of our own food security. As? Planning the crops so that there is enough for everyone.

The war in the region and the increasingly drastic effects of the climate disaster make the coming season particularly difficult. Progressing drought and torrential rains are not conducive to high yields, while the industrial approach to cultivation leads to the degradation of soils and ecosystems. What we need is a local, small-scale solution that can be multiplied. The proposed action is included in a number of aid activities responding to a sudden and dynamic change in the population. At the same time, however, the approximation of the next steps between sowing and harvesting may lead to increased interest in individual cultivation for own needs. This in turn strengthens the resilience of both society and private individuals.

How can you get involved in our activities?

Do you cultivate a city allotment garden? Perhaps you are planting vegetables on the balcony or just on the windowsill? Even if you are just starting your adventure with growing plants, you can add at least one additional row of carrots to give some to refugees and refugees who need it.

We know that not all of us can spend a lot of time and money growing on our own. So let’s shorten the supply chains – we can order food directly from farmers.

This may sound complicated, but we have already explained how it can be done.

* Here you will find a guide to RWS prepared by us, and here to cooperatives * Support the work of food producers and order a basket of solidarity in advance. The fee at the beginning of the season will help farmers plan their activities and investments and allow them to join the campaign in a safe way. * If you have extra time, we also encourage you to support farmers not only with money, but also with your own work – you can help in preparing more seedlings, sowing more vegetables.

#SadzimyDlaGosci – let’s sow, plant and harvest for our guests and ourselves. We believe that broad involvement in the action will help respond to the war situation and the increased number of people in the country. In addition, we hope that the practices related to planting your own food, as well as directly supporting farmers and shortening the supply chain will stay with us for longer. These activities are a response not only to the current situation on the eastern borders of Poland, but also to the challenges posed by the climate crisis.