A garden in your hands – old knowledge for new times


It is year 2030. We walk into the “Supermarket Museum”. 

The first path leads through a critical reflection on the past millieu of “supermarket culture” – a culture marked by monoculture, convenience, speed and uncompromising, exploitative optimisation. A culture, which has not survived the pressures of climate change. The times of ‘cheap comfort’ won’t come back.

The second path of the exhibition “A Garden in your hands” showcases the alternative version of 2020s. A widespread mushrooming of urban permaculture, explosion of micro-gardens, everyone learning to grow own vegetables. A return to ultra-local and seasonal food, to the ethics of moderation and voluntary simplicity. A renewal of working with plants and with the land; of empathy and care for the regenerating Earth…

“All the problems of the world can be solved in a garden”

Goeff Lawton


The food-growing & permaculture educators, that form this collective are both creative authors and pedagogical visionaries in the project. The educators are working on the project’s alternative “green” path of the Supermarket Museum to share their teaching experience and pedagogies, to inspire others to learn to grow food and to create regenerative permaculture and agroecological gardens.

Whilst over the first months everyone is working on their own project, our aim is to co-create a shared vision, an inspiring, direct, strong and coherent voice that will come out of our diverse experiences. This vision will in turn convey the recognition of food-growing as a critical and unique area of practice and education for our times, for everyone from school-children, through war veterans, technology-addicted youth and the mature urban professionals, seeking a way to contribute ethically to the well-being of our planet and our communities.

The educators in the collective will:
1. share ideas and case studies of a local teaching/learning project in food-growing as well as inspire newcomers to learn food-growing and permaculture
2. participate in-person or online in the International Forum of Permaculture and Agroecology Educators in Warsaw 15-16 May 2021
3. contribute to the construction of coherent narrative and original artefacts for the audio-visual Web-Doc A Garden in Your Hands part of the Supermarket Museum




The collective will gather at the INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF PERMACULTURE EDUCATORS in Warsaw, hosted by Warsaw Biennale. It will be an opportunity for furthering the vision, distilling narratives and highlighting the philosophical and value shift that needs to happen in our education in order to democratize the food-growing knowledge in Europe.


As part of developing individual project, the educators will contribute their ideas to the virtual exhibition – the Supermarket Museum website. Drawing on their training experience they will develop pedagogical approaches to effectively teaching and learning food-growing skills and on designing permaculture education. These ideas will be presented in audio-visual forms, such as slide-shows, podcast, photo-essays or short films.


The educators and other participants of Warsaw Forum will also contribute Abstracts of Good Practices describing a variety of pedagogical, educational design and workshop tools. These will be presented during the Forum and shared Open Source in a pdf version on both Agro-Perma-Lab and Warsaw Biennale websites.


The “Garden in your hands” and Educators’ Collective are working as part of the Supermarket Museum: Living Together within Limits project funded by European Cultural Foundation (Fb / Twitter). More information about the project can be found here.

The Warsaw Forum is organised by Biennale Warsaw in collaboration with Agro-Perma-Lab Foundation, National Centre for Climate Change in Poland as well as the Polish Food Sovereignty Movement Nyéléni Polska.

The proejct is coordinated by Agro-Perma-Lab Foundation. 4 European permaculture organisations collaborate as part of The Supermarket Museum project financed by the Culture of Solidarity Fund:
Asociación La Bolina from Spain,
Permakultura na Ukrainie, from Ukraine
Lebende Samen, Living Seeds from Germany,
Asociace místních potravinových iniciativ from Czech Republic

International Forum partner: European Cultural Foundation
Forum is financed by the Capital City of Warsaw (m.st. Warszawa).