AGRO-PERMA-LAB. Helps us sprout! Training leaders in Agroecology and Permaculture of the Food Sovereignty movement in Poland

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We are S P R O U T I N G – join us at the start of our initiative and support us in developing transformative land-based and political education in Eastern Europe.

Agro-Perma-Lab is a young training organisation based in Poland integrating political and popular education in Agroecology, Permaculture & Food Sovereignty. We develop methodologies & toolkits and work to connect an intergenerational network of community activists, leaders and educators to grow and multiply ecosystem-based knowledge and solidarity. We are the training and educating branch of Nyeleni Polska, the Polish Food Sovereignty Movement.


We need your support to provide a good ground for growing our training activities!

We are crowdfunding for 2 parallel G O A L S:

1.APLab SEEDS PROJECT 2020: CO-FINANCING of Community Seed Home and publication in 2020


1. APLab SEEDS PROJECT 2020. As part of this goal, we are raising funds of about PLN 3,000 to ensure procurement of high-quality materials for the construction and design of a pilot Community Seed House in Poland and the printing of the Seed Guide on Seed-saving techniques and Seed Homes. The guide will be widely available in print and in open-source pdf. Currently, educational materials on seed-saving are practically non-existent in wide circulation. The project is carried out with the support from the Austrian seed organization Arche Noah as part of the Community Seed Banks Academy* program and will be carried out in cooperation with organizations from the Nyeleni Polska movement.

[See photo gallery from first interviews 1, 2, 3 with seed-savers from Lower-Silesia]

2. PROJECT APLab FOUNDATION. We are sprouting – contribute.

We are asking for the Starting Fund necessary for the establishing and formalising of the AgroPermaLab Foundation. The funds raised through crowdfunding will allow us to cover the basic costs of registration and administrative and accounting processes for the first year of developing as a formal non-governmental organization in Poland. This cost, calculated at PLN 5,000 (up to PLN 8,000), does not include wages for work, only such expenses as accounting, notary procedures, entry in the National Court Register, legal consultations, bank account, accounting software, essential business trips in administrative matters and small costs related to renting the office. In the following years, these costs will be covered by our organisational activities.

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