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We received support from CSB Academy to realize our new project called AgroPermaLab: Seeds. The project will consist of three phases: preparatory action (research), training and building the Community Seed Home in Poland.

  1. Agro-Perma-Lab Synergies: case studies of community seed homes and practices in Poland. Aim: The aim of this preparatory action is to document what is being done by community seed savers within agroecological territories of Lower Silesia (Poland), but in long-term view, to spark wider connections. These seed savers belong to Food Sovereignty Network and our aim is to make their knowledge, experience and inspiration more widely aim at encouraging inter-generational seed knowledge exchange. In addition we available to beginner seed-savers. We also want to learn what opportunities, challenges and risks they encounter socially, economically and communally (in terms of collaboration) and understand recommended practices. With the information gathered through a designed questionnaire and farm research we hope to create a template for auto-diagnosis and development of Seed-Saving and Community Seed-Saving Practices and to develop toolkits that support emergence of new Community Seed Homes.
  1. Training topic precise: Agro-Perma-Lab: Propagating seed leaders-educators of Community Seed Homes’ and Seed-savers’ Network
    Training outcome: 12 Polish seed educators and community activists empowered and skilled-up in educational and future CSBs.
  2. Agro-Perma-Lab: Kaczawski Community Seed Home and multiplier Toolkits. Aim: Building on from the preparatory action, training exchanges and the Seed Home Master Mind session around design, construction and operational processes for Community Seed Homes in Poland our aim will be now to construct and design a physical community Seed Home for Kaczawski region, at Ptasia Dolina community farm, in Lower Silesia.

See the prospectus of Agro-Perma-Lab Seeds 2020

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