Episode 50: Polish Permaculture with AgroPermaLab and Morag Gamble

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We had a great privilege taking part in a wonderful conversation on the 50th podcast episode of Sense-Making in a Changing World hosted the Permaculture Education Institute with Morag Gamble.

Two permaculture educators and designers from the AgroPermaLab in Poland – co-founder/, Joanna Bojczewska and urban gardener/educator/activist Klaudia KryƄska – both social anthropologists talked with Morag Gamble, international educator and blogger, global ambassador and film-maker, running variety of permaculture education programmes on 6 continents.

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In our dialogue, Morag asked us questions about the ways we are sharing permaculture, which embraces cultural and artistic dimensions and inspires people to engage, think and act differently. We discussed how we attempt approaching permaculture education in dialogue with traditional culture, contemporary culture, climate emergency and creativity.

Morag became aware of the work of AgroPermaLab at the International Forum of Permaculture Educators in May and was immediately fascinated. AgroPermaLab co-hosted this event with Biennale Warszawa. In our podcast conversation Joanna and Klaudia also talk about their amazing digital project – The Supermarket Museum: Living Together within Limits.

Listen to the video version here.

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Morag Gamble in her work acknowledges the Gubbi Gubbi people, Traditional Custodians of the land on which she lives , works & plays, and pays her respects to their elders past present and emerging.
Audio: Rhiannon Gamble
Music: Kim Kirkman

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