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Wondering how can you help transforming the supermarket culture into more sustainable and ethical food system? 

Get involved in the “Supermarket Museum” promotion campaign:

1. Pass this on – inform your friends on Facebook, write a post or share a link to the premiere

2. Share the snippets –show trailers of the exhibition and snippets of content that will not be released until the premiere. 

3. Support artists and educators– fund the grassroots organisations that the artists and educators participating in the project come from. You will find their list on our website. 

4. Write about us-inform local media about the project (see: Press Kit). If you know interesting programs, podcasts or magazines related to our project, give us a contact to their hosts / publishers. 

5. Organise a premiere – throw a premiere party in your organisation. Write to usat supermarketmuseum [at]– if you want to invite one of the project’s creators to a meeting. He/She can also join online.

6. Send a postcard! You can download it in the Materials section of the menu.

7. Follow uson Instagram @agro_perma_lab, register to our newsletteror support us with a donation

8. Want to featureyour organisation or project on our Supermarket or Garden maps?
Write us at supermarketmuseum [at]


CONTACT PERSON: Klaudia Kryńska ⁠supermarketmuseum [at] ⁠+48 603823734 

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