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Do you remember your first visit to a supermarket? Today it may seem that discount stores have always been here, but this is only an illusion. They can disappear from our landscape, as quickly as they appeared. Quickly, meaning when? And what then? ⁠Join us in exploring and weaving creative imaginations of the future of our food!

Visit with us the first ever “Supermarket Museum” from 22nd July, 2021 on!

Why did we embark on the journey of creating the first ever Supermarket Museum?
Press materials for download under the text and here]

Food is one of the most important needs for every human being. The upcoming food crisis is not a fiction. Today’s dominant model of industrial agriculture creates dangerously fragile societies and ecosystems. It is focused on elimination of farmers, globalisation of the countryside and its transformation into global food factories. Yet its accumulated negative effects causing the exhaustion of natural resources remain disconcertingly imperceptible to significant parts of society. We need solutions that enable producing and enjoying healthier food, living in harmony with nature and its rhythm, and healing the planet so it can heal us in turn.

The COVID-19 pandemic, mass migration, and the climate crisis are showing, like never before, that we have to look for new solutions as well as give voice to those that already exist. Worldwide, new initiatives that operate on the borders of the mainstream or in niches are pioneering the way to attune a new, more sensible and ecologically informed societal DNA to the biosphere of our planet.

The Supermarket Museumand Edible City Warsaw are the fruits of the intersecting collaboration between two entities: Agro-Perma-Lab Foundationand Biennale Warszawa. We propose two different reflections on how we can recover independency from big food industry and how we can develop and support urban agriculture and gardening, local food initiatives and existing farmers that appreciate regenerative and ecological principles. Small visions matter. The work of weaving our creative imaginations has the potential to redirect “growth” towards non-material,non-destructive and not profit-driven paths. Let’s act on it now.

Who and why created the Web-Doc?

The “Supermarket Museum” is an international collaboration of activists in three fields: arts-permaculture-education coordinated by the AgroPermaLab Foundation.Its creation was inspired bytwo key challenges posed by modernity: the food and climate crisis.

Both problems, amplified by the pandemic of COVID-19, make us wonder: – how can we live together within the boundaries of the planet’s food system and resources? – how can we turn the beautiful phenomenon of interconnectedness to work for us, not against us? We invited a group of artists, agroecology and permaculture leaders as well as volunteers interested in these issues to find answers to these questions. As a result of their work, a digital audiovisual exhibition was created, which can be “visited” in two ways.

  • The first “path, through the Supermarket alleys, is an analysis and an artistic commentary on the supermarket culture: its modus operandi based on convenience, monoculture and unlimited profit, which wipes out the values ​​of social, economic and ecological solidarity. 
  • The second “path, “A Garden in Your Hands”, defies this dominant culture and presents effective alternatives and valuable opportunities for food cultivation and food system innovations – based on the ethics of permaculture, agroecology and food sovereignty.

An important partner of our project was also the collaboration with Biennale Warszawa. Part of this year’s program of the institution was dedicated to the issue of food sovereignty and solidarity nutrition, and the future of the food system itself. The cooperation of the representatives of the Biennale with educators and permaculture educators, some of whom were taking part in developing the “Museum of the Supermarket”, resulted in the creation of the second Web-Doc, whose premiere is also scheduled for July 23rd, 2021. 

Materials for download ⁠

∆ Supermarket Museum Exhibition Catalogue here
∆ Project Overview, here⁠
∆ Manifesto of Interconnectedness here
∆ Supermarket maps & postcards here
∆ Detailed description of the entire project and its context here
∆ Information about the collective of artists that make up the Supermarket Museum here
∆ Information about the collective of educators forming the Garden Path of the museum here

Contact person: Klaudia Kryńska ⁠supermarketmuseum [at] ⁠+48 603823734 

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