Agro-Perma-Lab Initiative is supported by the following organisations:

Community Seed Banks Academy our project AgroPermaLab: SEEDS (research, training & test action).

We received the grant for the ,,Supermarket Museum: Living Together with Limits” project from European Cultural Foundation.

LUSH Permaculture and Agroecology Fund supported the first Agro-Perma-Lab project – 2019 (research & training).

Schola Campesina supported pedagogical design of APLab Agroecology and APLab Seeds trainings in 2019 and 2021. We also collaborated on the test-research of TAPE tool.

Arche Noah runs the „Community Seed Banks Academy” programme, thanks to which we realized AgroPermaLab: SEEDS project.

Ptasia Dolina – the Home of Creative Meetings collaborated with us on the AgroPermaLab: SEEDS projects. The farm is the site of the first Community Seed Home in Poland. was a pedagogical partner of the first Agro-Perma-Lab training in Agroecology in 2019.

Ecological Folk Highschool in Grzybów supported is in realizing the first Agro-Perma-Lab training in Agroecology in 2019. It is their farm, that the training took place at.

Online magazine Zielone Wiadomości was our media partner in AgroPermaLab: SEEDS

Bioversity International supported public consultations of the first Community Seed Home in Poland, part of AgroPermaLab: SEEDS project.

The National Gene/Seed Bank (formally: The Centre for Plant Genetic Resources (KCRZG)) has taken official patronage over the Sudety Community Seed Home – test action in AgroPermaLab: SEEDS project.